CL20 Baitcast Fishing Reel 3.2:1 Gear Crappie SunFish

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BRAND NEW CL20 Fishing Reel

You are bidding on a BRAND NEW CL20 Baitcast Fishing Reel (Crappie/Sunfish).  This product is new in the retail box.  This product retails for ~$29.99.

This is a high quality product and the features for this product include:

  • 1 bearing design (Stainless Steel Ball Bearing)
  • Gear Ratio 3.2:1
  • Star Drag System
  • Brass frame,aluminium spool,ss ball bearing
  • Brass drive gears and brass pinion gear
  • One way clutch

Line Capacities:

  • 100 yards of 8lb line
  • 200m of .18mm
  • 120m of .23mm



The main body of the reel is 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches in diameter.


  • 4.2 ounces


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed!  No Risk.  If you do not like this product after you receive it--I would be happy to refund your money if you return the product within the first 7 days of receipt.


Shipping for this product will take place via U.S. mail for $9.99 in the United States (often shipped same days as payment is received), $10.99 to Canada or Mexico, $14.99 to Europe and $17.99 to Asia. (International via Airmail).


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